Raspberry FInsbury Filofax: Initial Review

2:58 PM

A few months ago, I noticed my Filofax Metropol was beginning to show wear and tear. The corners are starting to peel and there were quite a few scratches on both sides. I love the Filofax brand have been using them for quite a few years, but the craftsmanship of the Metropol was a bit shoddy even though I know it’s made out of vinyl.

With that in mind, I went ahead and purchased the Finsbury in the raspberry colour even though I’m not a great fan of pinks. It was on sale and the organiser came with a free mini Filofax pen in the same colour.

As I was inspecting my new organiser and could hardly contain my excitement in transferring my pages, I found that the leather is still quite hard and does not open as easily as the Metropol. I figured that since it’s pretty new that it would take some time for it to get flexible. After all, it’s made out of soft leather. 

I also found that the right pen loop is quite small and I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to use my Pentel Energel pens. I’m not keen about using the pen that the organiser came with since I love using the needle tip pens. I’d have to stick to my Marvy Le Pen for it to fit in the pen loop. Not quite a fan of felt tip pens when writing in my organiser as the ink tends to bleed to the other side of the page.

In comparing both the Metropol and the Finsbury, I found that I’m able to stuff more “crap” in my Metropol than with the Finsbury. It will be quite a challenge to minimise the things that I put in there.
I’ve taken photographs of both organisers with minimal inserts inside. See the difference.I’m also disappointed that the rings don’t fully align on the Finsbury, but that’s easily remedied. I googled how to fix binder rings and altough I don’t want to pound on my new organiser, the instructions did help. The instructions can be found here: