New Planner Stamps

2:29 PM

Last year, I've discovered Sweet Stamp Shop and I was instantly hooked on their clear planner stamps. It's so cute, compact, and inexpensive that I've ended up purchasing quite a few. However, my first clear planning stamps were from Studio L2E, which I found were too expensive.

When I started the semester, I wanted a set of school themed stamps. I wanted to purchase the ones from Sweet Stamp Shop, but upon further inspection, these stamps were made for mums to plan their children's schedule. So, I decided to search through Studio L2E's website and find the stamps that will fit my needs.

Studio L2E now has an assortment of stamps and their Study Plans clear stamps coupled with the Hi-Light It stamps will work great in my Month on Two Pages inserts in my Filofax to schedule and organise my post-graduate life. The font or lettering size is bigger than Sweet Stamp Shop, which I really like and it's in the Serif type font, which gives my planner a polished and refined look.


Pens! Pens! Pens!

2:17 PM

It's been eight days into the semester and I'm feeling pretty good. Unfortunately, my pencil case situation has got me a bit down. A few months ago, I acquired this cute pencil-slash-makeup case from Kipling (one of my favourite brands).

The case holds 100 pens and I was ecstatic to use it. I've put all my Pilot Frixion Pens, Pilot Frixion Markers, Pilot Frixion highlighters (see the trend), Pentel gell pens, and Staedtler pens into this case along with some clear planning stamps and washi tapes. The case is a bit overstuffed and with the composition books, handouts, notes, iPad and Macbook that I carry for school, the 100 pens case wasn't a viable option for me.

So, I've decided to downsize a bit to a pink Kipling pencil case. It's much smaller and more compact than my larger case. It's also able to fit as many pens as I want without adding the bulk. Plus, it's in a pretty hot pink colour.


Post-Graduate Supplies

2:04 PM

Since the semester of post-graduate university began this Tuesday, I needed to get my supplies in order, which meant trips to the stationery or office supply shop were needed.

There are five things a postgraduate university student needs: paper clips, binder clips, tabbed paper clips, coloured pens, and a composition notebook.

The paper clips serve to mark or section off any pages and since postgraduate studies can be tedious and the pages plain, I've decided to purchase the cat paperclips from Staples. The other two clips pictured below, I purchased from discount stores such as Marhsall's and Tuesday Morning. The tabbed paper clips will serve to mark the chapters in my textbook I am required to read weekly and the mint coloured binder clips will simply bunch up the pages I've used in my Filofax.

I've also purchased a few composition notebooks and a Staedtler ballpoint pens that I will use for revision notes. Revision notes are a great way to study and relearn the material after it was presented in class. Colour coding revision notes makes it pretty as well as making certain sections or terms pop out.

It might seem that using these many stationery supplies clutter your work, but as a student, these are important tools in studying.


Reading List 2015

9:18 AM

With the summer season finally came to a close and with Post Graduate studies beginning today, I decided I would do a post on my summer reading list.

Earlier this year, I've planned to read as much "fun" books as I can before I start post grad studies. Honestly, I'm pretty surprised I punched through thirty-six books starting in January. I've still got a quite a few more to read, but I doubt I'll be able to read those books at all this year.

I do have some literature I need to read for this coming academic semester. As much as I want to add those books in my already read list, I'm not. Call me biased, but I've reserved this list for the fun reading. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a couple of non-academic based books in during the winter break. But for now, the list is complete.