DIY Kawaii Filofax Inserts

9:55 AM

Whilst cleaning my office a few months ago, I found some old Sanrio and Korean stationeries in the back of my desk drawer.  I didn't have much use for them, so there they stayed.  I could have put them in the donate bin, but I didn't.  For a few months I debated whether or not to just give them away, but there was something nagging me to keep them.

As I was writing my schedule out for the week this past Saturday as well as writing down important information in my Filofax when I came up with the idea.  Those cute stationary sheets that are just sitting in my desk drawer can be used in my Filofax as Notes refills.

I pulled one of the pads out (I have a lot), pencil, scissors, hole punch and of course, a note template and got started on my project.

First I have to apologize for the quality of the photographs.  I took them with my iPhone since both my Point-and-Shoot and SLR cameras were on the charge.

I knew the dimensions of my Filofax refills and could just work off with a ruler, but with the kind of stationary I picked up, it was much easier to trace the outline on to the stationary since it will give me a much uniformed look.

As you can see, placing the Note on top of the stationary gave me an idea where I can start cutting and keep the lines straight.

I made five sheets and placed them inside my Filofax, making it look less dull.  I've also made my own divider tabs a few weeks ago using a manila folder and again tracing the outline.  As much as I love all things Filofax, their refills can get quite expensive and I always change the organisation of my Filofax to fit the year.  

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