Crayola Art

7:50 AM

There has been a craze lately on melted crayon art on Pinterest. You take a bunch of crayons and line them up on the bottom of the canvas, glue them on, turn the canvas upside down, and melt the crayons so the wax dribbles down.

I wanted to do the same type of art as I've got a crayon collection from the late 1990s. I had one more canvas left, so I set out to create a version of my own.

First off, I want to apologize for the blurry pictures as well as the lack of step by step photos. I'm working with my iPhone 3Gs.

The first thing I needed to do was lightly draw the image on the canvas. I chose a heart shape for this project and began arranging the crayons with the flat edge on the outline. I've also arranged the crayons by color type. Once I've got them laying on the canvas properly, I glued the crayons on with a glue gun and had the name of the color showing rather than the Crayola brand. They had some cute and funky names like "Atomic Tangerine."

Once the crayons were glued on, melted them slowly using a heat/embossing tool. There are some people who used a hairdryer to melt the crayons, but the results didn't come out as great since the hair dryer blows out the air forcefully and the crayons don't melt straight down.

Other suggested using a heat/embossing tool that scrapbookers use since it doesn't blow hot air quite as forcefully as a hairdryer. It blows out gently and at a very high temperature to melt embossing powder. Since I'm a scrapbooker, I used my handy dandy Marvy Embossing Heat Tool which I've had since the late 1990s. Before you start melting the crayons, I suggest getting some newspaper and laying it down. You don't want melted crayons all over your tile or carpet flooring.

With the heart shape, melt the crayons staring from the bottom while slowly turning the canvas. Once you're done, walk away. You need to let the crayons cool down and for the wax to harden.

I was pleased with the results!

So, if you have a set of old crayons that you don't have a use for. Try this project. It's quick and easy.

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