Filofax Week #33

11:19 AM

I can't believe last week was relatively calm, slightly boring and uneventful.  My week was filled with a series of chores that ranged from filing away paperwork (I can't convince Michael to go digital) to caulking the bathroom trim after replacing it nine days ago.

I'm also trying to add more character to my Filo by putting stickers and using a colour coding system to organise my schedule, adopting my iCal colours in my Filo.  Personal Family Work/Study Miscellaneous  Travel (still unsure about the Travel).  I also use pink to underline and strikeout items in my Filo, which is helpful because I can spot the time slot for each entry.

Since I love to doodle, I've also started to draw the weather entry in my Filo, which I am finding quite difficult since the summer days in Sacramento are HOT-HOT-HOT.  I did however start adding stickers, especially those kawaii note/stationery sets that I found in the back of my office drawer.

I intended to buy more kawaii items at Oto's Marketplace (a local Japanese Grocery), but they didn't have much kawaii items in their "Daiso" department, so my last resort was the Dollar Store and I did find cute stickers whilst I was there.

Everything was a dollar, with the exception of one sticker that I found for 50p.  I don't quite remember which one it was.  Since the Care Bears and My Little Pony were on the shelf, I decided to get those as well since they were my favourite characters during the 1980s.  Yikes .... I'm that old?  

I also found erasers that I can use to make my own stamps, of course, to use to decorate my Filo.  I tried making my own stamps yesterday from foam sheets I used to use to teach my Spanish speaking students to read English.  I'll post that experience when I have the photos edited since I've been using my iPhone to take the photographs.

I was really surprised in finding a really large eraser.  The big bright blue one measure 14cm x 5cm whilst the pack of small erasers measured at 4.5cm x 2cm, pretty small, but I can make small stamps out of them -- hopefully.  More on that later.

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