Stampin' Up!

3:35 PM

I love the Sunday paper, particularly the Sunday advert inserts.  I love browsing through them whilst eating breakfast and I can find pretty good deals.  I never usually peruse through the Staples advert, but for some I did yesterday and I found something pretty cool.

It's the Scotch Expressions Tape in a variety of colours and it's removable without damaging the paper for $1.50 each.  So I head on over to Staples and buy four colours ... Green, orange, purple and blue.  I though these would be the perfect things to label and decorate my Filofax without damaging any of the sheets.

At first I was skeptical.  A tape that won't damage paper?  RUBBISH!  But I stand corrected.  It does do the job.  

I think it's the beginning of a new friendship with me and Scotch Expressions Tape.  They'll do the job, but they won't replace the other things I seem to put in my Filo -- such as my doodles, stickers that I purchased from the Dollar Store, and of course, the stamps that I've been making.

I've been so obsessed lately with making rubber stamps.  The last one I made, which was this morning was that of an apple.  The more I make rubber stamps, the better I get ... I guess.  But I think it's time to move on to bigger more intricate stamps rather than the small ones I've been making.

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