10:43 AM

After a few weeks of slacking off from studying for the CBEST exam I'm scheduled to take in November, I decided to trek into my office and actually study for it.

As I dove into the guide, fifteen minutes later I found myself overwhelmed as I looked at my desk.  It's a fairly large L-shaped desk, but it had so much stuff on it.  I had books stuffed in one corner, in another corner sat mounds of unused flashcards and at the end of the desk was my all-in-one printer.  I felt claustrophobic and the feeling got worse when I opened my desk drawer and found I have crap stacked on top of crap.

I felt sick.  I had just organised my office not too long ago and now its back to a state of utter chaos.

My first order of business was to get all those books and pack them away into my bookshelf (despite the little room I have left).  I realised that I don't use those books that often and if I do have a need for them, I'd just pick them off the shelf and put them back when I'm done.  I did keep a couple of books such as my American Sign Language, The Craft of Research, Writer's reference, two thin moleskin notbooks and my dictionary and thesaurus.

The next step was to get all of my eraser stamps packed neatly into a box along with the inkpad.  I've been such a carving fool the last few weeks and probably will continue to make stamps as I've just purchased linocutters and a carving kit.  

I've also noticed that I have an overflowing vase of pens and a set stashed in my bag as well as inside my bedside table.  I have to go through these and maybe give some to Michael to take to his office.

I'm also planning to take out the speakers and the sub that used to belong to a PC that Michael bought several years ago.  I used to use it when I watched my lectures online, but now I have no need for it.  I'm tempted to put them in my charity pile, but somewhere down the line, I will need it and wished I had never donated it.  So off it went into the closet.

The final step is my top desk drawer.  I need to get my stationery organised and to use it all up.  I'm quite hesitant to use them as some of the Sanrio ones were made in Japan.  now, all are printed in China.  But I can't be sentimental about that if I'm planning to keep my desk in perpetual order.  Guess I'll have to scan the pages to keep as a reminder.

I didn't spend much time this morning cleaning it up and I was surprised that it looks good.  I'll be decluttering my desk quite a lot as the weeks and months go by.  My plan right now is to type of all of my university notes and put them in PDF format to get rid of all the notebooks I've accumulated over the years.  Now that will take some time, but for now, I will relish in my accomplishment that I've made my desk look clutter free.

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  1. I love decluttering projects. When I was in school I could not study if the room was a cluttered mess. I would be my studying by cleaning and clearing away. Only then could I sit down and actually concentrate enough to actually learn something. Your desk looks great!

    1. Thanks. I've actually decluttered some more. It looks so bare, but I like it. Another computer would be sitting on another part of the desk, so it's nice not have too much stuff sitting on my desk. Decluttering is going to be an ongoing process for me.