Week #32

11:48 AM

Week 32 is was a bit hectic. With our holiday to Hawai'i looming around the corner, I needed to get a lot of stuff done before we leave.

During this week, I've been scheduled to meet with the Catering manager at the Hilton on Harvard Street for the Husband's office party. I don't work with him, but I do a lot of volunteering such as being the photographer for all the events.

I also had to help him shop for the catering gig for one of his organisation's offices in Northern California. Buying food to cook for at least over seventy people takes some time. Preparing them takes a lot of time too, so my whole Tuesday was busy from sun up to sun down.

Of course, Wednesday is the only day I have free and I was able to spend it with a friend. We went shopping at Target to buy stuff for our holiday. Too bad it was M's birthday and he was scheduled for a night meeting.

Thursday was the big day and since I don't have any todo's on that day, I decided to add a quote on the side of the sheet.

Friday was a different story. It  was the day I needed to catch up on house chores and of course, in the evening we had a dinner to attend to. Thankfully, M didn't want to sit there, so we just attended the cocktail hour and went back home.