Sanrio Badtz-Maru Organiser

11:38 AM

A week ago, I was at my mum's house going through all my childhood stuff when I came across organiser I bought at Sanrio in the mid to late 1990s. She had tossed a lot of my stuff over the years after I moved out, but my Sanrio stuff isn't one of them. I can't tell you how excited I am when I discovered this in a box.

I felt like a kid opening a Christmas present on Christmas day as I was unzipping the planner. There are still a few sheets left intact, a Badtz Maru pen and an AhiruNoPekkle vinyl paperclip. Talk about classic throwback. 

I got more excited when I turned the page I found a sheet of barely used stickers. Well, this is barely used according to my book. I really want to use the organiser, but since it's vintage and in a really good condition, I decided that I'll just take it home with me and store with with my other childhood stuff. I have to say, Thanks Mum for keeping this. Brought back a lot of memories.