Papermate InkJoy Review

8:50 AM

For the last couple of years, I've been trying to find a set of coloured pens to use to organise my time better. I started off with Marvy's Le Pen. It's a felt pen and I love the way it writes. It's small enough that I thought it would fit in the smaller pen loop of my Filofax Personal Metropol, but it didn't and the ink bled easily through the page. So, I scrapped that pen and tried to find a different one.

I moved on to to Papermate Flair. The pens were discounted at Staples. It's not a felt pen, so I assumed that it wouldn't bleed through the pages, but it did. They didn't fit in the pen loop of the Metropol or my Finsbury. They also tend to end up leaking and since I don't want blotches of ink in my Coach purse, off to the office they went.

The third set of pens that I tried was the Staedtler Triplus fineliner. It's also a felt pen. I know, it's another felt pen, but I can't resist. I love the Staedtler brands. The one plus side about it is that they fit in the pen loops of my Filofax organiser. I really wish they'd make the pen loops bigger.

Just when I thought I'd have to settle for ink-bled pages in my organiser, a solution came. I was watching the telly and an advert for Papermate Inkjoy pens came on the screen. I looked at the reviews on the pens before I decide to purchase them. Some reviewers said that it doesn't write as smooth, but it is a ballpoint pen. My experience with ballpoint pens is that they tend to clump up sometimes. Despite the negative reviews, I went ahead and bought a pack.


I didn't understand all the negative reviews about the pens. I tested pens on a thick recycled notebook paper. Since the pens were medium point, it took some time getting used to writing with it since I normally use fine point pens. After a week of writing with it, the pens write smooth and I love the colours.

I do want to purchase the Pilot Frixion pens since I have the Frixion highlighters. Maybe I'll buy purchase them next year. 


My Week #37

12:30 PM

This week's schedule is pretty much filled with chores and I've already begun the countdown to Downton Abbey's Season 4. Since they left last season with Matthew Crawley's death, I'm wondering how the story would evolve.

I've also started jotting down the books that I've started and finished. I wanted to keep track of how long it takes me to start and read a book. I've also blocked out an hour to teach a friend's daughter (who I just gave one of my leather organisers and taught her time management) how to decorate her diary pages.

I'm also in love with my "H" post-it note. I found it at the dollar store a year ago and have since gone back for another one.