Filofax Metropol

3:52 PM

After having forgone a Filofax binder since 2006, I've decided to go back to writing down my appointments, to-dos, etc. rather than entering them in my iPhone. As much as I love having everything in one device, I found it much easier to open up a Filofax Organiser, flip to the page and see everything I need to do clear across the pages without having to scroll through multiple dates on a small screen.

Since I haven't used a Filofax in six years, I have to purchase a new one to fit my organisation needs. As I browsed through the Filofax USA website, I decided to purchase the Filofax Metropol in personal size. I had wanted to get a leather organiser, but since I've just recently started using an organiser again, I thought it'll be better if I bought an inexpensive one and upgrade later on.

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