Filofax Week #31

11:00 AM

A few weeks ago, I attended a seminar at City Hall for the Charter City Commissioner elections.  I had no intention of running for public office and even after the seminar, I still felt the same way.  However, after a couple of weeks, I decided to run because even though its a big commitment, it was a way that I can make a difference.  Thankfully, Michael was thinking of running for one of the fifteen positions opened for this office and I joined him along with another hopeful.  We gathered signatures at the State Capitol.  

Whilst we gathered signatures, I realised that running or campaigning for public office is very expensive.  Many advised that I should put in for a candidate statement (which I read during election season) and they're right.  Many read those statements, but the cost of running a statement is $2,100 or more.  Given that I just finished university and unemployed, I can't possibly pay for a very costly statement.  On Tuesday, I dropped out of the race.

I'm slightly disappointed yet thankful that I'm not running.  Without an endorsement, the next few months are free for me to study for the CSET exam which will be held in November as well as trying to finish up my novel.  My next project?  I'm going to check Oto's Japanese Supermarket for some awesome hauls to decorate my Filofax.  The pages are slightly getting boring.

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