New Planner Stamps

2:29 PM

Last year, I've discovered Sweet Stamp Shop and I was instantly hooked on their clear planner stamps. It's so cute, compact, and inexpensive that I've ended up purchasing quite a few. However, my first clear planning stamps were from Studio L2E, which I found were too expensive.

When I started the semester, I wanted a set of school themed stamps. I wanted to purchase the ones from Sweet Stamp Shop, but upon further inspection, these stamps were made for mums to plan their children's schedule. So, I decided to search through Studio L2E's website and find the stamps that will fit my needs.

Studio L2E now has an assortment of stamps and their Study Plans clear stamps coupled with the Hi-Light It stamps will work great in my Month on Two Pages inserts in my Filofax to schedule and organise my post-graduate life. The font or lettering size is bigger than Sweet Stamp Shop, which I really like and it's in the Serif type font, which gives my planner a polished and refined look.

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