Pens! Pens! Pens!

2:17 PM

It's been eight days into the semester and I'm feeling pretty good. Unfortunately, my pencil case situation has got me a bit down. A few months ago, I acquired this cute pencil-slash-makeup case from Kipling (one of my favourite brands).

The case holds 100 pens and I was ecstatic to use it. I've put all my Pilot Frixion Pens, Pilot Frixion Markers, Pilot Frixion highlighters (see the trend), Pentel gell pens, and Staedtler pens into this case along with some clear planning stamps and washi tapes. The case is a bit overstuffed and with the composition books, handouts, notes, iPad and Macbook that I carry for school, the 100 pens case wasn't a viable option for me.

So, I've decided to downsize a bit to a pink Kipling pencil case. It's much smaller and more compact than my larger case. It's also able to fit as many pens as I want without adding the bulk. Plus, it's in a pretty hot pink colour.

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