Post-Graduate Supplies

2:04 PM

Since the semester of post-graduate university began this Tuesday, I needed to get my supplies in order, which meant trips to the stationery or office supply shop were needed.

There are five things a postgraduate university student needs: paper clips, binder clips, tabbed paper clips, coloured pens, and a composition notebook.

The paper clips serve to mark or section off any pages and since postgraduate studies can be tedious and the pages plain, I've decided to purchase the cat paperclips from Staples. The other two clips pictured below, I purchased from discount stores such as Marhsall's and Tuesday Morning. The tabbed paper clips will serve to mark the chapters in my textbook I am required to read weekly and the mint coloured binder clips will simply bunch up the pages I've used in my Filofax.

I've also purchased a few composition notebooks and a Staedtler ballpoint pens that I will use for revision notes. Revision notes are a great way to study and relearn the material after it was presented in class. Colour coding revision notes makes it pretty as well as making certain sections or terms pop out.

It might seem that using these many stationery supplies clutter your work, but as a student, these are important tools in studying.

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