Week #35

4:30 AM

This week, I've been running all sorts of errands. Even with that, it's still a light week.

I've also started counting down until Downton Abbey's premier. Unfortunately, it's not going to air in the States until next year, but I'm fortunate enough to know an expat like myself who's still got accounts active in the UK and is gracious enough to let me watch it on her dime.

Also, the deck is still currently in the works. It's such a big patio deck that it takes a couple of weeks for two people to get it done. It's all the cleaning, sanding and then painting, but this week was the last week of working on it and it's done. We've been pushing through it since it's Michael's mum's birthday and we always have a barbecue dinner at our place.

What about you? How was your week?

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