Accio Stamps!

10:43 AM

Hello! It's been a while since I've updated the blog and since it's almost Halloween, I've decided to do  a small post on paper crafting.

Just this month, the Sweet Stamp Shop released the most amazing stamp set named Wizards. I've been quite addicted to Sweet Stamp Shop's stamps as they're super cute and super fun to play with and stamp in my Happy Planner. So, I went ahead and purchased the set with the intention of decorating the week I travel to Florida to visit the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios, attend a conference, and visit my cousin who is working for Disney World.

So late last night, I did a little crafting to get my mind off the many maps and ancient texts I have to decipher of the Ancient Near East to determine the factors leading up to the Battle of Qadesh.

I pulled out two of my Sweet stamps, a couple of vintage wood mounted rubber stamps, Memento black ink, acrylic block, and a watercolour pad (I will list the materials I used for this project at the end of the post).

I began stamping using the Memento Tuxedo Black in with the intent of embossing the images, but after stamping a few images, I decided that it was getting late in the evening and bed time is a lot more important as I have to get up early in the morning and get cracking on those maps.

After laying out the maps and the outline of events on my desk this morning, I wasn't feeling up to working at all. And lo and behold, the stamped page was sitting at the corner of my craft desk, which is adjacent to my working desk. It was calling out to me! Needless to say, I got cracking on the craft rather than on my work.

I started using the Michael's brand, Artist Loft markers to colour in the faces. I chose the flesh toned marker and started on the girl wizard. I didn't realize that the color was off when put on paper. Instead, I used the peach Crayola coloured pencil and the color turned out great!

For the rest of the wizards, I continued to use the Artist Loft Markers. As you can tell, from the first girl wizard was the trial run and the subsequent wizards turned out a lot better.

After I had the wizards colored out, I went ahead and continued on with the other stamped images.

Now, it's time for some fussing cutting, but after I get some work done. I'll continue on with a post on how I used these cute wizards and the Sunshine stamps in my Happy Planner layout. So stay tuned!

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