Filofax Week #42

10:24 AM

For the past two weeks I’ve been relatively lazy after going for dental surgery three weeks ago and then on a holiday the week after. 

So after looking at my schedule tis week, I was pleased that I was getting back into the swing of things. However, it’s not quite pleasant since I ended up with a cold. Since it’s election season in the United States, I’ve been working my butt off on some political campaigns. Tomorrow, I get to cook and bake for a funcion: a precinct walk for two School Board members running for re-election and the day after that, another catering event for a precinct walk at a different city. I can’t even begin to fathom going to a friend’s wedding reception after the event on the same bloody day!

As I sit in my office, studying for the CSET exam coming up in January 2013, Iʼm also doing some research. Being sick is not ideal at all, especially when I have things to do. Thankfully, I work from home, so itʼs comfortable and convenient. Also, I was quite irritated at one of my students. Sheʼs been in a community college for the last three years and has three more years to go before she can transfer to a university. So, she employed me to tutor her in her hard classes such as English, History, and Science. Sheʼs scheduled Monday and Wednesdays after two oʼclock for tutoring sessions and she does not show for both sessions. A friend of mine said, wait
until next week and if she doesnʼt show up, then give up because there isnʼt any point in helping someone who isnʼt serious about helping herself. Iʼm all about second chances and even third, but I draw the line there. Today, Iʼm going to get some rest and take it easy. Maybe drink a lot of green tea whilst I sit in my office and work. My companion ...

Wish me luck. Iʼm trying to get rid of this yucky feeling by tomorrow morning!

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