Papermate Flair (Review)

2:50 PM

For the last few months, I’ve been using the Papermate Flair Pens in my Filofax. It was on sale at Staples and I love the colour variety. I would have used Le Pen by Marvy with my Filofax, but those pens were too thin and fell out of the pen holders quite easily. So when I saw the sale advert on the Papermate pens at Staples, I purchased the set.

I loved it at first. It was fantastic. I was able to continue the colour coding on my appointments, chores, etc. I used it for a few months even though I don’t like how the ink bled through the inserts. There was also the problem with writing on the Scotch Expressions tape. It’s almost like paper tape, but it’s glossy. To write on it, you’ll have to use a sharpie or a ballpoint pen. The quest for the right pen continues.

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