New Stickers

6:58 AM

I always had a love affair with stationery items. This love affair produced an abundance of it. Whilst living in the San Francisco-Bay Area a few years ago, I’ve accumulated quite a large stash of cute paper products that ranged from Sanrio, San-X, etc. I brought them all with me when I moved to Sacramento.

My stash hasn’t quite diminished at all. With my drawers running out of room, I made a resolution to use it all up before buying more which prompted to the custom note inserts in my Filofax.

Sadly, that resolution came to an ends a couple of months ago.

I just couldn’t help myself when I walked into a Sanrio shop. I ended up purchasing a Little Twin Stars paper tape, two sticker sets, and two stamps. The downward spiral continued.

I was a Target shopping for Christmas presents when I found a 50-count Harajuku Mini sticker set. As always, I head over the stationery/office department and found the most amazing end cap display — Paperchase. They had binders, sticky notes, journals, candles and stickers. I would have bought the journal and the binder, but I had no need for just because I already have quite a few. I did pick up the stickers. 

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