Week #1

12:30 PM

First post of the year! Happy New Year Everyone!

This week had been relatively easy especially with the New Year. 

I haven't really done anything for NYE this year since I've been sick...sick...and sick. This flu strain hit Sacramento County really bad since there's quite a few people I know that got sick even after a flu shot. Just when they think they're getting better, the flu comes back with a vengeance. I was one the people that suffered a relapse. It seemed like I was sick for the whole lot of December.

I haven't been decorating my Filofax lately with washi tape. I'm only doing stickers. It seems that I'm spending too much time taping and cutting, so I decide to minimise the washi tape use and just use my stamps that I got from Plan It to organise my to-dos during the week.

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