Bella Foster for Kate Spade Agenda 2010

11:02 AM

***warning: image heavy post***

After using my Filofax Finsbury for a whole year, I decided to give it a break and use my Metropol for a while. The Metropol is made out of vinyl and it gets scratched up easily. I wanted an organiser that will withstand the wear and tear of being hauled everywhere in my bag. So, I started looking for another diary. I wanted another Filofax organiser, but I just don't have that much faith in Filofax anymore.

I found the Kate Spade 2010 Bell Foster Agenda from Poshmark, which is a place where people can buy and sell straight from a mobile phone. There were a couple of Kate Spade agendas, but the Black and Green one caught my eye. There was a pink one listed, but I'm not a fan of hot pink.

I bought the organiser for $20.78 including shipping (I had $7 credit with Poshmark and it took care of the shipping).

The organiser arrived via mail and it's in good condition. It came with the address, birthdays, travel, restaurants, and a to do tabs along with the inserts as well. Since I bought the item used, it didn't come with 2014 inserts. I wanted to buy the Kate Spade 2014 inserts, but they are a bit pricey...$38.

The only gripe I have about the organiser is that it doesn't lay flat. It's hard to look at my schedule if I have to constantly press down on the left side to write and glance at my schedule. It's even harder than the Finsbury.

Even after putting the diary towards the back, it still didn't lay flat and the buckle kept getting in the way. I'm not quite sure if I want to use this as my everyday organiser, but for $20, I'll keep it.

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