DIY Cute Paper Clip

8:35 AM

Cute paperclips have been popping up on Etsy and people have been posting their cute clip purchases on Instagram. I wanted one of those cute paperclips, but they're expensive. It's $6 not including tax or shipping for two paperclips. Since I have an abundance of paperclips, I decided why not make one. All you'll need for this easy project are large sized paperclips and 3D stickers.

I bought these stickers at the Dollar Store a couple of years ago to use to decorate my Filofax pages. They're 3D stickers so it made it hard to write in the pages. I had no clue what to use them for after I decided that I won't be sticking them onto my diary pages. I don't scrapbook anymore, so off to the box they went ... until yesterday.


The process is fairly simple. Just grab a sticker and stick it onto the paperclip. Make sure that it's right side down or else you won't be able to clip it onto the page.

Take another similar sized sticker and flip the paperclip over. Place the sticker onto the other side of the first sticker and voila! You've got a cute paperclip!

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