My Week 8

10:47 AM

As I post this week's My Week post, I've realised that I haven't numbered them properly since I started posting my Filofax weeks. I should have number the first My Week Post as "My Week #1" back when I started blogging about Filofax, Time Management and Organisation. So, in this post, I will number it correctly, starting at Week 8 as its numbered in my Filofax and continue on numbering them without restarting it as Week 1 of next year's My Week post.

Anyhow, as you may know, I made my own custom inserts since getting the Original Filofax in A5. Since I'm living in the States, it's hard to get a hold of Week on Two inserts from the Filofax USA store. I ended up with a Week on Two with Appointments.

I made and printed my own Week on Two inserts on leftover Dot Matrix Printer paper. It worked, but the quality of the paper is quite shoddy and since it's old, it a bit greyish in colour. I used my printouts for about a month until I decided to move into the Filofax Week on Two with Appointments. Compared to my dot matrix paper, the Filofax inserts are a much better choice despite the hourly rows printed on each day.

I did make it work, moving my appointments from the month before to the new inserts. I originally thought that decorating these inserts would prove quite a challenge, but it isn't. I was able to washi tape blank areas and add stickers. Next year, I'll make sure to pick up the Week on Two early!

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