The Danger of Impulse Buys

12:29 PM

We've all been guilty when it comes to impulse buys, whether it's in the form of a pair of shoes or a cute handbag. 

A few weeks, possibly a month ago, I purchased some scrapbooking stuff from Tuesday Morning. They were inexpensive and at the time, I think it was worth the buy. I went home thinking this would be an amazing addition to my scrapbooking stash. So on to the review or perhaps the regret on buying these items.

When it came to the two stamps I've purchased, I had the idea of using them in my Filofax. Obviously, I didn't need the date since my Filofax is already dated. I wanted the stamps for the captions.  The ink, I also needed to use with the stamps.

So, I went ahead and tried them on my Filofax. First, the ink pad was made out of sponge which got into the blank areas of the stamp. The caption on the stamps were too small. If we're using this to create scrapbook memories, how was one supposed to see the caption?

I decided then not to use the ink pad, thinking my nicer ink pads would do the trick in making the smaller captions pop. It did, but it's still pretty small and since the captions are tiny, stamping it was difficult. Not worth it for journalling in my Filofax or in my Moleskin notebooks.

Even with the Dew Drop Memento ink pad, the stamp still look shoddy. I know it takes some practice, but I've owned stamps since I was a child and am still using them today. These journalling stamps just won't work at all.

Lessoned learned: Think it through before buying something. Just because it's cute doesn't mean it's going to work.

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