Planners Galore and Planner Problems

9:04 AM

First of all, M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S ! I hope everyone had a wonderful and festive time filled with food, laughter, and love.

As the year comes to a close and we're all getting ready to move out 2015's diary pages out of our current organisers and replace them with 2016's or perhaps use one of the planners we either purchased or received from a friend or family member. This year, I am plagued with the problem of which organiser to use. Just a couple of weeks ago, I've purchased 2016 diary inserts for my Filofax Original with the intent of using it on my desktop and giving it a break from the wreckage that is my daily bag. Around September, I've acquired the Domino Personal in Aubergine Dots as my on-the-go organiser. Herein lies the problem, I just received a 2016 bond Eccolo planner from a friend this christmas eve and with three planners, I don't think I'd be using all of them. At the most, two, but not three. That's borderline insanity.

So what do you do when you've got three planners to use?

Stick to your original plan. I'm planning on using the A5 Filofax inserts, but using them in my Carpe Diem organiser on my desktop and the Domino Aubergine Personal Filofax as my every day and on the go organiser.

When you get a new and unexpected organiser/planner, think about how you're going to use it. As a person who've used organisers since the nineties, I know how I keep myself organised. Ask yourself this question, will this unexpected planner help you get organised? Since it was a gift, I know we might think it's rude not to use it. If that's the case, there is an option. You can use it as a memory keeper.

Using the new planner as a memory keeper is a great way to facilitate creativity. The one I received last night is a pretty planner complete with quotes. When I discovered those who decorated their diary pages with washi tape and stickers, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon on decorating my Filofax pages, but it didn't look professional and important information got lost in the clutter. Within weeks, I've returned to using my Filofaxes as I did for years, as a functional tool. Though I still love looking at the "pretty planning" pictures on Instagram and Pinterest.

By using your new and unexpected planner as a memory keeper, it acts as a scrapbook diary where you can go all out on decorating, stamping, washi taping, and stickering without sacrificing space and losing important information. I still decorate my Filofax pages with some washi and stickers to keep it colourful, but its minuscule compared to the others I've seen out there on social media.

There are a ton of ways you can use your extra planner. It can be a blog schedule if you're blogging quite a lot and want to keep that separate from your personal planner. It can also be a menu planner that you can keep in your kitchen where you can write ingredients you need for that day for meal prep and cooking. It can also be a fitness planner. The possibilities are endless. As for me, I'm using the planner as a way of memory keeping, perhaps a journal of sort. As far as meal planning, fitness journal, blog schedule, it will all go into my A5 organiser as I like everything in one one place.

The choice is up to you. Have a Happy Christmas and I will see you all in the next week when I upload a post on how I set-up my organisers for personal and university for 2016.

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