Summer Essentials

7:59 AM

Summer is officially here and since the temperatures in Northern California is getting hotter and hotter that I had to change my beauty regime and what I keep in my makeup bag.

Unlike most women who stuff their portable make-up bags with practically everything in their collection, I tend to lean more to the minimalist option. After I've applied my make up, all that goes into my make-up bag is my trusty pressed powder from Boots, Burt's Bees lip balm, and my choice of lipstick colour. Since I use the Bare Minerals make-up, I don't find the need to continually touch up and now that it's summer, I normally opt for the no make-up look in which I use foundation, eyeliner, brown mascara and a hint of blush. I don't go for the full on counter, eyeshadow, etc. since under the intense heat, all that make-up will just end up melting on my face.

If I'm on the rush, I skip the whole no make-up look. Instead, I use a tinted moisturizer and some pressed powder and I'm on my way. I might end up tossing a brown eye-liner into my bag and that's about the rest of it.

As for my hair, I let the whole thing go. No flat irons or curling irons. I let it air dry and with the assistance of a leave-in conditioner, my wavy hair doesn't go all frizzy. By going with less make-up and letting my hair dry, my prep time is cut in half.

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