Modern Pastry Shop, Boston

10:00 PM

Today was our last day in Boston. As we toured the last half of the Freedom Trail, Michael and I remembered that we haven't had a Boston Cream Pie. We've seen an episode on the Food Network about a restaurant serving the dessert, but we didn't remember what the restaurant's name was.

As we headed over to Paul Revere's house, we manage to find a pastry shop called, Modern Pastry Shop. The Boston Cream pie we ordered is not the traditional kind. It's more of a cupcake, but with the same elements. If you're wondering what a Boston Cream Pie is, it's not really a pie. It's a round, two-layer cake filled with either a custard or a cream and topped with a chocolate ganache.

The cupcake tastes like the pie. It's filled with cream in the centre and the chocolate ganache is slightly sticky, almost caramel in consistency.

The other thing we ordered is a Black and White cookie. I haven't had one of these in such a long time and seeing it in the bakery made my mouth water for it. This cookie is different though from the one's I've had. This one has chocolate buttercream and vanilla buttercream on top when other black and white cookies are dipped in either chocolate and vanilla fondant or melted white and dark chocolate.

Michael wasn't at all impressed with the cookie and I had to explain to him that this bakery probably bakes the traditional desserts in their own interpretation with a slightly modern twist to it. Maybe that's why it's called Modern Pastry Shop.

I have nothing bad to say about the bakery. The desserts were good, but one staff member kept on chitchatting with her friend in front of one of the displays. I was trying to see what the desserts were, what flavours they had, but the worker and her friend refused to move. Other than that, it's a good place to stop for a sweet snack before finishing the rest of the Freedom Trail.

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