My Week #44

4:45 PM

A little over a week ago, I've had wisdom tooth surgery. At my age (which I'm not going to divulge), the oral surgeon told me of the risks when getting it removed. I could have left it alone, but the position of the tooth, it was necessary that it should be extracted.

Post-surgery, the right side of my lip and chin are still numb. Panic set in since I know that there is a possibility that that the nerve might have been cut, but I've learned to deal with whatever life hands me, thus the reason for the quote "It doesn't get better, you just get better at handling it" on the notes section of my week.

Today, I did feel a slight tingle in my lips and it burns a little. I do have a post-op appointment with the surgeon this week and he'll advise as to how to proceed.

In any case, after being laid up in bed and dosed with pain meds for five days, I'm ecstatic that I'm slowly getting back into my schedule. I hadn't done any journalling or time management last week. This week, I laid my hands on my Filofax and did some time management and journalling.

Monday was not a busy day for me. I'm still suffering a bit, but I did drive with Michael to the Bay Area. Whilst he attended his meetings, I went ahead and read up on one of the issues of Writer's Digest that I haven't opened and compiled a list of Literary Agents that I would like to work with. Also, I've started to research universities for my post-graduate degree.

For the next two days, I've been trying to get my household chores in order. I haven't done a thing since my surgery and my house is a big mess. I've also scheduled in to organise and edit the 2,000+ photos I took whilst on a holiday in the East Coast last month for my birthday.

I've also started creating a few Filofax A5 inserts. I'm still a bit in a fog as to how I'm going to print these sheets on regular size paper. I've been tinkering in iWork Pages with the A5 size, but when I go to print, the bottom keeps getting cut off. I've lucked out on the diary pages.  I do want to start selling inserts on Etsy, so I need to buckle down and get it figured out.

So, how was your week?

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