Year in Review and 2015 Goals

12:16 PM

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely, festive, and safe New Year.

This year, Michael and I celebrated New Year's Eve in East Coast Style. Our December was quite a hectic month and we haven't recovered. He was in bed and asleep at around ten, whilst I tried to stay up by finishing my last book of the year.

In January of 2014, I started a reading challenge. I didn't set a goal on how many books to read, but just to read. For the year, I've read twenty books. Some I've purchased and others I've borrowed from the local library.

In June, I've published a novel on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I don't want to go on a sad note, but the novel only generated three sales party because I'm new to the publishing world and I wasn't sure how to market the book.

October brought in some much needed pick me up. I've gone on a holiday to the East Coast and visited around twelve or so different states. It was an amazing trip and I've expanded my photo library because of it.

In November, I've also learned that Advantage Rental Car isn't a good company to hire car when you're on holiday. In Washington DC, we've hired a car to get us up to Maine and back down to Boston. The first economy class car they've given us, the interior was dirty. The upholstery had Cheetos residue on them. They gave us another car, but this time, the car was wrecked. There was no other vehicle to choose from and they said to go ahead and take it, but make sure we've documented the damage. Thankfully, after an article I've read on USA Today, I made sure I took photographs of the damage on my phone (since it gives a time stamp and gps) and I've also videoed the damage.

A month after our holiday and the return of the car, Advantage was suing us for wrecking their vehicle. We informed the adjuster of the noted damage prior to rental and she said she'd contact Advantage for said paperwork. Advantage did not contact her back. I kept everything including the photos and videos. I e-mailed it to her and within a week, the claim was closed and we were not liable. So, note. Do not rent from Advantage!

December, life had gotten a lot busier with Michael's Union christmas party where I was hired to be the photographer. We've also catered a holiday luncheon for CSLB, then off to San Francisco for the Moose Feed. 

All in all, it was a good year.

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