What's In My Bag #3

4:37 PM

With summer already here in California and in full swing, I might as well do a "What's In My Bag" post.

I'm always changing what bag I use since I somewhat coordinate it with what I'm wearing or what I feel like using for a week or two. This summer (or at least part of it), I'm using my Kipling crossbody bag (not pictured). I like the bag since I can wear it over my shoulder and it's hands free. It's a medium sized bag, so I have to strategically think about what I'm going to put in it. Below are some of the things I like bringing with me during the summer.

1. Filofax Original A5 in Navy: This is a definite must for me. I plan my life in this organiser. I tried digital planning, but it just doesn't work for me. I love lists and I love crossing out things on my list. Plus, I can look at my schedule quicker than having to swipe.

2. iPhone 5: Also a must. What more do I need to say? 

3. Roxy JBL headphones and battery pack. I always keep a pair of headphones with me since I love listening to music, especially this summer. I also keep a battery pack with me. I've had this since I got my iPhone 3Gs (and that's quite a while back) and it's been handy.

4. Coach Sunglasses. I'm pretty light sensitive, so I've got to have sunglasses with me at all times. This constantly changes since I have few pairs of them, so for now, I've got this one with me. The case is quite large and bulky and doesn't fit in my bag, so normally, I just leave the case in the car.

5. Pink Camo Knife. I didn't use to carry one, but I found it handy especially when dining at a Chinese restaurant. They don't quite cut up the vegetables in bite size pieces, so this comes in handy when I need to cut something up. Plus, you'll never know when you might need it to break something open.

6. Makeup Bag. In my makeup bag, I only carry my BareMinerals Mineral Veil, eye drops, Burt's Bee's tinted lip balm, EOS lip balm, anti bacterial and SPF 55 Neutrogena suncream. I don't like carrying an arsenal of makeup in my bag, since it gets quite heavy. Once I've applied my makeup, the only thing that would need touching up are my lips and face should it get shiny. I'm all about simplicity when it comes to the things I carry.

7. iPad Mini. Thankfully, it's a mini. I always carry this with me since it contains ebooks. I'm always reading so if I'm ever stuck at a doctor's or dentist's office, I have something to read.

8. Purse (or wallet as my friends call it). I love this purse that I've purchased from Target. Most purses have quite a few credit card slots and I don't quite fill all of it. I only have two credit cards, a bank card, driver's license, medical card, and roadside assistance. Since most wallets have either less than five slots or more than ten, I'm quite at a loss. So when I found this, I had to buy it. It's also light.

9. Car and House Keys.

So, what do you guys carry with you daily? Let me know in the comments below.

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