Why I Don't Decorate My Planner Pages Extensively

1:01 PM

Planners. They're the most gorgeous things ever. Of course, a planner is supposed to organize your life, but there are moments that you just can't help yourself and buy loads of them. For those people, myself included, a planner can be a fashion accessory.

Like any Planner Addict, I'm always on the look out for the cutest planners and cruising through Instagram and Facebook for gorgeous photos of decorated planner pages. I also have a penchant for stationery and office supplies. So, whenever I'm in the San Francisco/Bay Area visiting family, I'm always in search for a cute post-it note or tags.

As far as decorating my diary pages with all those cute tabs and stickers, I generally find it too time consuming. No doubt you have seen photos of personal size planners stuffed with pictures, cute paper clips, keychains, and such. My planner, whether is the personal size of A5 size Filofax Original remains clutter free and here are a few reasons why I keep my planner clean and tidy.

Reason One:
I'm a post-graduate student earning my degree in Humanities and History. I use my planner as a tool to keep my life organized. I've got so much information to sift through that decorating my pages with loads of stickers and washi tape would end up burying all the important dates and information.

I have decorated my planner pages extensively in the past, but after missing a couple of due dates, I've decided to do my pretty planning in a different planner.

Reason Two:
While decorating your planner pages and adding some paperclips to the front flap of your planner can be fun and beautifies it, those extra things you put in your planner does create a lot of unnecessary bulk. Having an uneven surface to write on is one of my pet peeves, so I began to avoid decorating my planner.

Reason Three:
Decorating takes too much time.

When I was decorating my planner, I found that I was using up a lot of time trying to figure out what theme and pulling out my washi tapes, stamps, stickers, and such. Decorating it also takes quite a bit of time.

At the end of the week, I block out fifteen minutes to plan out the next. Having to pick a theme, take out the appropriate supplies such as washi tape, stickers, stamps, etc and the actual decorating takes more than fifteen minutes.

I do decorate in my A5 Filofax and the extent of my decorating is using some planner stamps from the Sweet Stamp Shop, Studio L2E, and Simply Kelly. If I wanted to see something cute in my week, I use one of the larger stamps during the weekend where my days are partially empty. As the day ends, that's when I'll add a random sticker on the day, but not on the current or future days of the week.

So there you have it. If I decorate my planner pages, I keep the decorating to a bare minimum.

I do have an extra planner (which was given to me at Christmas) that I decorate and call it Memory Keeping. I take my week, plug it into this planner and decorate to my hearts content with washi tape, photographs, stickers, and stamps to my hearts content without losing important information as the week I'm decorating had already passed.

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