Week 52, The Final Week: Happy Planner Layouts

10:50 AM

Happy Christmas Eve!

This will be my last planner related post for the year, unless there is a repeat of last year's planner gifting fiasco. We'll find out tomorrow morning.

For the coming year, I'll be working with two Happy Planners. The Mini and the Classic. There will be a lot of decorating in the Classic as this planner will stay put on my desk. As for the Mini, this will serve as my on-the-go planner.

Last night, I started putting together the layout for the coming week in the Mini Happy Planner. Although I don't plan on decorating in the Mini, I decided to add next week's exercise regime and detox plan in it. I also added some stickers that I made from the stamps I purchased from the Sweet Stamp Shop as well as a couple of different stamp sets from other vendors.

As for the Classic Happy Planner, I've gone ahead and decorated. I used a variety of stamp sets, mostly from the Sweet Stamp Shop. Since I'm decorating the next week, I didn't want to use any of the Christmas washi tape on this layout. I would have gone gold, but I didn't have any that were about half a centimetre in width, so thus, I went with the blue theme.

For the materials used in this layout, I have pictures below. I will add a link to the shops I'd bought my crafting supplies in the next few posts. 

Stay safe and have a Happy Christmas everyone!

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